2013 General Rules

1.    Our starting time will be 6:00 pm. Drivers meeting will be held at 5:45 which mean you must be signed up before then. It is mandatory that you must be registered and attend drivers meeting. Anyone that registers after that will be in E Class at the bottom of the lineup. You must put your sign up number on your truck after registering. When it's your class turn have your truck ready and in line with the rest of trucks in that class.

2.    No spectators in mud pit area and no personal vehicles in the pit area either. You are allowed to have one passenger on the first pass as long as they have a helmet and seat belt. Each truck must pass inspection before entering their class. Once entering the track area, all drivers must stop. Put truck in park or neutral, holding hands up while strap is being hooked and unhooked. Our staff will let you know when to proceed. Speed Limit is 5 mph in pit and parking area.

3.    Drivers must be at least 14 yrs of age. Picture ID and parents signature are required if younger than 18 years of age. All drivers must sign waiver releasing track owners and sponsors from all responsibilities, and liabilities.

4.    You must be prepared and able to run when your name is called and it's your turn. If you are not prepared or your truck won't start etc. you will lose your turn and we will go to the next truck. The show must go on. All runs will begin from a standing start at the staging beam. The first run will be measure or timed which ever may be the case. Whatever the time or measurement is stands. The driver must tell the track official if they want to stay with the time or measurement and do not want to run the second pass. The second pass is optional but a first attempt must be made. You are only allowed to back up 5ft one time in the pit. You must keep forward progress in the pit or you will be flagged to stop. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BRAKES WHILE BEING PULLED BACK
OUT of the pit...

5.    There are 3 track officials who make all the decisions at Centertown Mud bog Jimmy Merriman and our two Tech Men. When these officials make a decision…. It is final. Regardless of what these rules may say or how you may determine them. For example Tire size does not qualify you for the class it's just a guideline. If we find you too hot for A or B class you may be bumped up regardless of tire size. Diesel trucks will be allowed to run according to the class we put them in.  We have the last say in every situation. We reserve the right to refuse any one truck or person from running in the Centertown Mud Bog due to safety or attitude. Let's have a good time.

6.    All classes can run any racing fuel. "We recommend but not required"  C, D AND E CLASS TRUCKS HAVE A DRIVE SHAFT LOOP BEFORE ENTERING CENTERTOWN MUD BOGS PIT. No alcohol allowed!!!! Any driver found drinking or we are told about any driver drinking will be confronted and will not be allowed to drive in the pit. No engine or transmission cooling devices, fuel line, fuel tank, or exhaust in cab compartment. Must have applicable working brakes this includes pinion brakes. If there is a tie then a runoff will be at the end of the class. All trucks are subject to an open hood inspection at any time by the track officials!!! Any truck caught cutting up in the pit area will be disqualified. Any questions feel free to ask before the Bog starts. For insurance reasons and your safety Fire extinguishers must be in each truck or jeep. If you are caught running NITROUS YOU WILL BE BAND. Do not attempt to climb the pit walls.. any intentional destruction of the pit itself will result in being disqualified... or band. Have a safe and fun time with us this year... Looking
forward to seeing you all here... THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT...